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About Us

TURN Plastic Recycling is born from a CSR joint collaboration between the United Nations (UNITAR), TotalEnergies E&P Nig. (TEPNG) and NNPC. It boasts a world class recycling center targeting to disrupt the current informal & exploitative plastic recycling sector in Nigeria by offering an in-house end-to-end model, supporting waste pickers who are some of society’s most vulnerable people.


The collected plastics are processed into resins and sold as post-consumer recyclate (PCR) used for the production of high quality articles at competitive prices. A part of the PCR is converted into durable and reusable films and bags used for the protection and conveyance of goods.


TURN Plastics has over 30 direct staff and 80 indirect employees, comprising more than 40% women.

It serves as a training center for young entrepreneurs and a sensitization platform that helps in the adaptation of Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) towards achieving the UN SDGs. 

Our vision for a sustainable future

A Sustainable Waste Management System in Nigeria by an Empowered Local Ecosystem

Our Mission 

Circularity refers to circular economic model where materials are kept in a circular loop of usage rather than the current linear economic model where materials are used and disposed of as waste at landfills, rivers or burnt. Our mission is to help mitigate the waste and pollution of used plastic by using a self sustaining model, hence keeping it in a loop and ensuring circularity and sustainability.

Our Partners

Turn Plastic Recycling is an initiatve that is sponsored by a collaborative effort between organizations


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TURN Plastic Recycling

TURN Plastic Recycling

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